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BellaTonic is a premier provider of Edmonton manicures. Let us get your hands looking good and feeling even better!

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Manicure – $30
French Manicure – $35
Polish Change – $15

All Of Our Edmonton Manicures Include:

Cuticle Soak

We soak your hands in a nice, fragrant warm bath to soften up your cuticles and prepare them to be trimmed away.

Cuticle Removal

After rubbing in a little bit of oil, we gently push the cuticle back to expose more of your nail. We then carefully remove any dead skin that may pull away healthy cuticle, expose you to bacteria and cause nasty hangnails.

Nail Shaping

Next you choose a shape for your nails. You can go for long or short with squared, rounded or oval tips. Petite hands and fingers look best with oval tips. Short and stocky fingers suit rounded tips. Heavy-set hands look best with squared tips. The choice is yours!

Hand Massage

A dab of our specialized manicure massage cream and within moments you’ll feel the tension being released from your hands. (Who knew they were so stiff and tired?!)

Polish Change

Our three-step process leaves your nails looking fabulous. We start with a base coat that is designed to fill in ridges and protect your nails from dis-coloration. Next you choose a polish from our line of the latest OPI colours and styles. From sleek, subtle and professional to fun and flashy, we’ve got a color to suit your personality. Lastly we add a protective topcoat that will seal in the colour and prevent chipping and cracking.

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