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BellaTonic is a premier provider of Edmonton pedicures. Let us get your feet feeling and looking their best!

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Pedicure w/ Scrub – $50
Pedicure w/ Parafiin Wax – $55
Nail Art – $15
Air Brush – $10
Polish Change – $10

Pedicures are not just limited to the nails.

Our trained estheticians will remove dead skin cells on the bottom of your feet, apply an amazing moisturizing cream and give your feet a brief massage too.

Our Edmonton Pedicures Include:

Removing Polish

We begin by removing any old polish using alcohol- and acetone-free remover that’s safer and easier on your nails.

Soak Your Feet

You get to relax with your feet in a nice warm bath. You’ll enjoy your favorite aromatherapy oils and some special salts we throw in to help loosen dead skin.

Cut & File Nails

To avoid pesky ingrown nails we cut your nails straight across making sure they don’t extend over the tip of your toe. Then we’ll file them down until they are even and slightly rounded at the corners. We use a fine-grade emory board that won’t rip your nails.

Trim Your Cuticles

We apply a gentle cuticle remover lotion to the base of each nail to soften them up. Then we carefully push the cuticles away from the top of your nail and trim away any loose skin.

Foot Scrub & Massage

We apply an exfoliating foot scrub to a wet pumice stone and scrub the balls and heels of your feet to smooth away the dead skin.

Optional Hot Paraffin Wax Bath

Soak your feet in a warm bath of hot paraffin wax that will lock in the moisture and leave your feet feeling soft and smooth.


After drying your feet thoroughly we rub in a nice thick moisturizing foot cream and massage it into your feet and calves. We top it off by adding a dab of cuticle oil to rehydrate your cuticles.

Apply New Polish

To finish off your relaxing pedicure, we’ll apply a coat of your favorite polish.

You’ll leave the treatment with great looking and feeling feet!

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