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Manpreet is a mutli-talented person who wears many hats.  As an entrepreneur, life coach, volunteer, advocate, and social media guru, Manpreet is one who gives more than she receives.  Manpreet has been gracious enough to spread some of her wisdom and experiences with us.  Here is her latest blog.

A new way to solve a problem

At some point in our lives we go through a phase where we are contemplating and thinking of what to do about a particular situation or person. We will spend a lot of time and energy on thinking about this issue. If you look at yourself in the mirror as you are going through this phase, you will notice that you may look stressed, you may not be sleeping well and your inner self isn’t really shining through.

Albert Einstein is quoted to say “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” If we keep this quote in mind when we are reviewing a particular situation we will know that we need to shift perspective in order to determine the solution.

A tool I use is to look at the situation through the eyes of another person. If my best friend was looking at the situation, what advice would they give me? What conclusions may they come to? What would my solution look like from that perspective.

Then I look at the situation through the eyes of a stranger. I ask myself the same questions as my I did when my best friend was looking at the situation. Usually when we look at situations from the eyes of a stranger we can see it more clearly as we are detached from the emotion of the situation. We are able to do a better assessment of the situation alone without our fears, excitement and giddiness.

The detached approach will allow the best solution for us to be available to us.

Next time you are contemplating, try looking at the situation from the eyes of your best friend and a stranger and see if the solution is different than what you imagined.

Manpreet Dhillon is a renowned community builder, strong advocate for others facing challenges, and change agent for women to become their own best friend. Manpreet is the co-founder of Be Your Own Best Friend, a successful networking group founded on the premise of becoming your own best friend first. She is an established Personal and Career Coach, supporting individuals through transitions and times of growth with a specialization in chronic disease management coaching. Her passion lies in moving past cultural barriers to have each empowered individual live life in alignment with their own passions.

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