Setting yourself up for success in 2013

Setting yourself up for success in 2013

As we celebrate the successes of 2012 and move into planning for 2013, it is so important to take a moment to reflect on what it is that you want to create.

Many times we hear that setting intentions help to facilitate the Law of attraction (a great resource with sample worksheets is We get to attract more of what we want into our life and less of what we don’t want.

In order to fully attract what you want to create, it is important to always celebrate the successes of what you have achieved or shifted in the last year. The energy of celebration is a positive energy which helps us magnetize further the attraction of what we want to attract.

So here is a 3 step process to set yourself up for success in 2013:

  1. Make a list, a drawing or a mindmap of all your celebrations for 2012 in all areas of your life – personal, career, relationships, money, etc.
  2. Taking the areas of your life, make a list of 3 things that you would like to create in each of the areas. 3 is a powerful number and achievable number of items that we can focus on creating. It allows us to remain focused while still having room for other exciting opportunities to come through.
  3. Now make a decision to allow yourself to create these things for yourself. By making the decision to allowing it to happen, you are letting it come in. Ask yourself what step(s) can I take to reach these goals of mine? You may do this for each item and put a deadline next to it. The timeline will help you activate being accountable to yourself.

The accountability in creating what you want is the most important. Most of us are great at setting the goals, it is the follow through where we falter on. Accountability can be achieved through accountability to yourself, a friend, a partner, or a coach.

The clarity of what is you want is the key to creating what you want. The clearer you are, the easier it is. Cheer’s to the most successful year yet!

Manpreet Dhillon is a renowned community builder, strong advocate for others facing challenges, and change agent for women to become their own best friend. Manpreet is the co-founder of Be Your Own Best Friend, a successful networking group founded on the premise of becoming your own best friend first. She is an established Personal and Career Coach, supporting individuals through transitions and times of growth with a specialization in chronic disease management coaching. Her passion lies in moving past cultural barriers to have each empowered individual live life in alignment with their own passions.

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