Shave, Wax or Laser

When we get down to the nitty-gritty, who wants to be hairy scary? Not me and obviously not you; none of us do! The options for hair removal can be endless but finding the one that works best for you and your budget can be a bit challenging. Some of our options include razors, over-the-counter hair removal products, waxing and lasers. So, what is a girl to use when it comes to the least amount of pain, cost and hair regrowth?

Let’s face it, we’ve all shaved and waxed our legs, underarms and bikini area for years, and although today’s razors and over-the-counter hair removal products can be great, we still have to deal with the side effects like nicks, cuts, bleeding, razor burn, rashes and those infamous ingrown hairs, medically referred to as folliculitis.

So, let’s talk lasers. To give you some background, laser hair removal began about 20 years ago when it was experimentally used and tested. In 1997, the FDA approved certain lasers for hair removal. Laser hair removal works through a process called photothermolysis or SPTL. This proven procedure selectively targets dark matter or melanin which is what gives our skin and hair its color and darkness; it is also the area of hair growth. Lasers heat the hair follicle and not the skin. In addition, they deliver a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration where the light is absorbed by the dark areas/hair follicles on our skin.

Laser hair removal has been proven to significantly reduce or remove hair long-term or permanently. A lot of men and woman use laser hair removal to get baby-smooth skin and there’s no worry about scraggly hairs sticking out in the wrong places at the wrong time. The good news is that it’s also less painful and causes less skin irritation when compared to waxing. Yes, there can be side effects like itching, redness and swelling, but if you’re a chicken to the waxing, like me, then this option is a winner!

I know you’re wondering how much laser hair removal will set you back. Well, if you think about the cost of waxing, plus the number of times you have to go to the salon month after month, year after year, it can add up.

Yes, laser hair removal can cost more up front, but over the long run, it can actually save you money, time and there’s less pain. Who wouldn’t want baby-smooth, hairless skin that you don’t have to shave or wax – or deal with any of the mishaps that can happen. It’s so freeing to wake up knowing you can throw on your shorts and tank top without worrying about scary, hairy, scraggly stubble.

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