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Threading is an ancient form of hair removal that is practiced in parts of Asia, India and Egypt. It requires a technician to hold one end of a long cotton thread in her mouth and the other end with her hands to manipulate a loop. The loop is then formed around the base of each hair and tightened so the hair can be pulled out one at a time by the root.

Threading is an alternative to waxing and can be done on any area of the face. It is most popular for shaping your eyebrows with precise results! The results last approximately two to four weeks.

There are many benefits of threading compared to other forms of facial hair removal:

  1. Waxing over time stretches the upper eyelid and thus you will notice that the skin will start to sag and hang over time. Threading on the other hand entails that you hold your skin tightly and the hair is removed by the esthetician with a thread without the pulling motion that waxing requires.
  2. Waxing will also begin to discolour in the areas that you repeatedly have hair removed from. Threading eliminates this problem altogether. No need for wax or cloth that does discolour your skin over time.
  3. Threading eliminates the chances of burns from waxing and any scarring that could occur from a burn. Each skin type and sensitivity is different and our faces are our business card that we present to everyone. Our estheticians use special thread with a mastered technique to ensure that hair removal is done without the fear of burns and superficial skin removal!
  4. Threading does not come with any more discomfort than waxing does, and many find the sensation to be less than waxing.
  5. Shaping can be more precise than waxing. Our trained estheticians are very precise in the desired shapes that you request and are helpful in offering proper shaping ideas.
  6. Threading can be done faster than having waxing done in the same areas. No extra time or appointments will need to be made to have threading done over waxing.

We invite you to try threading Edmonton and are 100% confident that once you try it, you will never return to waxing again!

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